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Whether you're a small general contractor or a large manufacturing corporation, we have a variety of recycling services for you.

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Recycling for Businesses

Recycling is a crucial part of the operations of any manufacturing business. By getting the most out of your waste materials, you can discover new revenue. When working with Lincoln Recycling, you are dealing with the owners themselves, Jeremy & Andrew.

As a full-service recycler, we have recently expanded to cardboard, plastic, electronics, and industrial lighting. We are the responsible scrap yard to handle your ferrous and non-ferrous metalsWe handle all materials in an environmentally responsible manner eliminating your potential downstream liabilities.

Commercial Recycling Services

With over 85 years of scrap metal recycling under our belt, we can help you get the most out of your waste material and uncover new opportunities.

PA Scrap Material Theft Prevention Act

Lincoln Recycling strictly adheres to the Pennsylvania Scrap Material Theft Prevention Act (ACT 79) passed by the General Assembly in 2014. In addition to ACT 79, we require the following to purchase recyclables:

  1. Current Driver’s License
  2. If you are selling a scrap vehicle or an item that has a title (ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, trailers), we require the title and all named parties on the front of the title must be present and have their driver’s licenses.

In accordance with ACT 79, we will only purchase the following scrap materials from a commercial enterprise:

  1. New production scrap or new materials that are a part of a manufacturing process.
  2. Full sized, new materials, such as those used in construction, or equipment and tools used by contractors.
  3. Commercial metal property.
  4. Metallic wire that has been burned in whole or in part to remove insulation with a value more than $100.
  5. Beer kegs.
  6. Detached catalytic converters.
  7. Railroad materials.

If you are a commercial enterprise and have one of the listed items above, please download our Commercial Enterprise Form and complete it prior to bringing in your material.

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