Real-Time Details

Specific details of your transactions are captured in real-time and are available for review.

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Transaction Transparency

The days of handwritten weights are over. At Lincoln Recycling, we go above and beyond to earn your trust. Our digital scales are enhanced with real-time photos of your material. Whether we purchase 1 pound or 20,000 lbs from you, we capture the pictures of every transaction and they are available upon request.

Additional accountability we offer:

  • We certify all scales twice a year (Weights & Measures requirement is once annually)
  • Our digital scales incorporate a time/weight stamp within each picture
  • Login for industrial accounts to view transaction history
  • Scale operators cannot manually enter weights
  • All scale activity is audited daily to ensure accuracy

We are one of the only recyclers with the ability to have pictures available for every pound of material purchased.

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Recycling Transaction Transparency