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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you recycle?

Our primary focus is recycling metal. We recycle appliances, cars, bicycles, lawnmowers as well as large, heavy equipment such as pay loaders and bulldozers. In our drive-thru recycling facilities, we accept and recycle aluminum, copper, brass, stainless, batteries, electric motors, and lead.

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Do you accept paper, plastic, or glass?

We will accept flattened corrugated cardboard (shipping boxes) from the public for free at our Meadville location. We do not accept other paper grades and do not recycle glass and plastic from the public. Please contact your municipality or township’s waste hauler to see if other recycling services are available in your area.

Do you accept electronics and televisions/monitors?

We do accept these items and they are received in our drive-thru recycling facilities. We purchase electronics such as printers, computer towers, laptops, and the like. For televisions and monitors, there is a charge.

Do you recycle cars and what is required?

Yes, we do purchase scrap vehicles. You need the title, and whoever’s name is on the front of the title must be present with a drivers license. If there are multiple names on the front of the title all must be present to sign off. The check must be made out to the person on the title.

Do you accept tires?

No, we do not accept tires unless they are attached to a vehicle we are purchasing for scrap.

Do I have to crush my pop cans to bring them in?

No, you do not. We accept pop cans crushed or uncrushed for the same price.

Do you sell anything out of the scrap yard?

No, we do not sell steel out of the yard. We do sell used tires and batteries. Please inquire with our office staff.