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Save your cans and copper wires, clean out your garage, and get rid of all your unwanted items in an environmentally friendly way.

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Recycling Materials

Make the world a better place by recycling with Lincoln Recycling!  We accept a variety of items and have recently expanded the list of materials we accept.

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Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel Alloys, Stainless, Appliances, Automobiles, Steel.


Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones.

Industrial Lighting

Fixtures only. No bulbs or fluorescent tubes will be accepted.


Lead Acid, Car & Forklift Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries.

Not Accepted


Tires, Dirt, Wood, Asbestos, Insulation, Fiberglass, Roofing, Solid Waste.

Radioactive Materials

Uranium, Thorium, Potassium.

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Dissolved, Liquefied, Non-Liquefied.

Hazardous Materials

Antifreeze, Paint, Pesticides, Air Bags, CRTs, Mercury Switches.


Firearms, Unspent Ammunition.

Flammable Materials

Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Acetone, Propane.


Capacitors, Transformers, Ballasts.